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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
10 Dec 2022
Super Mario Sunshine
- Didn't want to think, didn't have to think. Nostalgia received.
- Levels are proper open areas which I like compared to Galaxy which bored me horribly
- Manta ray boss was pretty cool, used the game's mechanics well
- I wonder how many people had to say "this is okay" for the chuckster secret to get included
52 shines (5h)✔️
09 Dec 2022
Grim Dawn
- Brain goes off and mouse goes clickclickclickclick
- Unbelievably easy and repetitive, the different quests, areas and enemies made no difference as everything was solved by moving forward and one shotting everyone
- RPG elements stopped mattering after the first couple of hours, after that a level up meant improving the skills alredy chosen
- Items went from "Club" to "Superior Scrapmetal Blunderbuss of Thunder" in about 2 hours which made finding new gear way less exciting than it could've been
- Only played this because I was sick and wanted to play something that didn't require thinking or skill, so I guess I got what I expected. Just to an extreme degree.
Normal, no DLC (12h)
01 Dec 2022
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
- Mildly amusing at times, maybe for the wrong reasons
- Really clunky gameplay killed any chance of getting immersed
- Full of cheap jump scares
- A lot of uninformed decisions, not just whether the thing will work but what the thing is even going to be
- Unsatisfying ending
- Could've worked as a movie with a proper, cohesive narrative but trying to shoehorn that into a game with a branching storyline was just a mess
Finished (4h)
01 Dec 2022
Invisible, Inc.
- Turn based tactics is a pretty original take on stealth, and it works pretty well
- Difficulty felt pretty nicely balanced based on the two runs I did, both runs were very close to a disaster but still made it all the way
- Compared to Into the Breach, the undo mechanic was terrible and the UI was not as clear as I would've liked, led to a lot of mistakes due to misunderstandings. In general there's a lot of mechanics to learn, and you only learn them through mistakes.
- I'm not into roguelikes enough to keep going after 2 runs, it didn't feel like there was a hook like in something like FTL. Feels like I saw everything already.
Beginner + Experienced (11h)✔️✔️
28 Nov 2022
Return of the Obra Dinn
- Interesting story told in an unusual way
- Unique art style that worked very well especially for the characters
- Solving the fates made for a good mystery, but the tools used to do it could've been better. I like bringing out the pen and the paper, but I think some way to tag people ("tattoo guy", "dude with books") would've been nice for example. I also feel like I ended up abusing the way the game confirmed the guesses and solved a lot of "unsolvable" fates early on, which kinda worked as part of the puzzle but also felt a bit cheap.
- The way the progression works is not well communicated and made for a very frustrating first hour when I didn't understand it, and even later on it felt unnecessarily tedious. At times it even felt like pixel hunting was involved, which is why I got stuck and solved an excessive amount of fates early on.
All fates (9.5h)
26 Nov 2022
Hitman Sniper: The Shadows
- Made it almost halfway through chapter 2 out of 6 before hitting the point where I could no longer continue without either grinding multiplayer crap.
- It's possible the menus were broken because I got the feeling that the game was definitely designed with microtransactions with mind with all the grindy and lootboxy trash, but the store only used in game currency and the button to buy more of that led to the same page, making using real money impossible. I guess I'll take that as a positive thing?
- Sniping inherently requires a lot of precision. Touch screen controls are inherently imprecise. Playing it is like trying to thread a needle while wearing mittens. The concept was broken from the get go, it just isn't fun to play.
- Mobile games are the worst trash there is but like Deus Ex GO, this should still be preserved
Did not finish (1h)✔️
23 Nov 2022
Deus Ex GO
- The puzzles are pretty decent, most introduce new ideas even if the difficulty curve is all over the place
- Only one puzzle is available at a time, meaning getting stuck on it halts all progress
- No hint system of any kind, just a solution button that trivializes the whole puzzle
- No idea what the story was about since the UI was broken, making most of the text unreadable
- Touch screen controls suck, even for something like this. N-Gage remains as the superior phone for games.
- Oh yeah the solution system and the undo button are paywalled! Got stuck for the third time? Pay up buddy. Want to continue using the basic quality of life feature of undoing a single move? Better have your wallet nearby. This used to be a paid game too, but I'm not sure if the microtransactions were there back then. Absolute scum either way, even at their best mobile games are terrible.
- I only played this because it's getting delisted entirely and I maintain that erasing games like that is worse than anything this game did, preservation is important. This could've even been a decent game had some greedy executive not been thinking of ways to ruin it.
Finished (3h)
29 Oct 2022
- Interesting art style and atmosphere, felt very original
- The main areas were enjoyable to explore, decently open and the right size
- Some really bad technical issues, like trying to rebind keys softlocking the game and main menu using all GPU power it could
- Clunky gameplay and enemies that were not very fun, feels like this would've been better off as more of a walking sim than trying to be something horror-ish
Finished (6.5h)✔️
23 Oct 2022
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery
- Really cheesy and fun acting
- Pretty interesting story, it was cool how it tied the werewolf stuff together with real history, even if the history lessons were a bit dry sometimes
- Not a lot of pixel hunting or moon logic, but a fair bit of having to complete things in an arbitrary order
- Almost all text was voice acted which was a big plus in a game with so many books/letters/notes/etc
- Some pretty dumb logic issues towards the end
Finished (15h)✔️