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02 Dec 2023
- The PC source port is excellent, there's no going back to N64's low resolution and framerate and limited controls after this
- The first child section felt a little mundane, but that in a way worked in the favour of the later parts as it helped make the stakes feel higher when things started happening. It got the player accustomed to the world and added weight to the key events.
- One gamey ass game, the dungeons felt very much like puzzle compilations that require just enough thinking to get through rather than actual temples. Not a good or a bad thing, it worked for the gameplay as long as you didn't think about it too much.
- Sometimes the progression was a bit obtuse and required seemingly optional things to get done, and Navi as a built-in hint system was useless. Would've been interesting to be able to play this truly blind to get a truer view of some of the sections.
- The combat and the targeting system in particular were not great
- Ganon's Castle's first area and the associated dungeon item were really poorly handled
Finished (20h)
29 Nov 2023
- Black Mesa makes for a very good setting, and the story works in service of the gameplay
- The first couple of chapters make for one of the best openings in any game
- For (one of?) the first story driven shooters, really nailed down how to handle telling the story. The control never being taken away from the player didn't feel like a gimmick and worked great.
- The soldiers not reacting to getting shot made them less fun to fight. Other than that and the weapon balancing, the combat was pretty good.
- Xen sucks hard
Medium (8h)
24 Nov 2023
- The Deathstorm missions were way too long for their own good, but Target FĂĽhrer felt like a Hitman mission, as in short and replayable. TF was much more enjoyable in general than the 3 DS missions.
- Sniping while considering wind, distance, etc is neat. Shame the game rarely gives a good chance to make the most of it.
- The AI was way more punishing than I remembered, and not in a good way. Enemies were extremely sensitive to reacting any sort of tiny noise and then immediately spread that reaction to everything anywhere close to them.
- Terrible difficulty system that has a ton of customization but doesn't elaborate on any of the settings or inform you that Authentic is practically unplayable without knowing the mission beforehand
- Sneaky ✔️
Sniper Elite (Hard) (5.5h)
20 Nov 2023
- A funny cutscene or two. The credits techno song is a banger.
- Terrible puzzles consisting of moon logic hints for dev logic solutions, trial and error, and mazes
- Lots of reading with barely legible font choices. The contents of the texts weren't much better either.
- Awful audio balancing with no subtitles
- Somehow even the movement was just barely functional, it was very hard to keep track of which way you were facing
Finished (5h)
19 Nov 2023
- For a game so focused on destruction, a surprising amount of variety in missions. Most were of very high quality too.
- The standard "steal things in 60 seconds" heists tickled my brain the same way routing speedruns does. Encouraged creativity in a similar way that Hitman missions do.
- Looked and sounded good. Some of the best looking snow in video games.
- Impressive tech that handled a ton of destruction even on my old toaster with very few framerate issues
- Intricate maps that were reused appropriately
Completionist (18h)
18 Nov 2023
- Pretty unique
- Very repetitive gameplay, like if Serious Sam only had one boring weapon
- Bad sound mixing and audio in general
- Sniping controls made sniping inconvenient as you couldn't move and aim at the same time in a decent way
- Stylistically felt like a directionless acid trip
- Nothing related to the plot was explained in the game itself
Hard (3h)