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Ongoing or soon™On hold until it gets patched
Ongoing or soon™Off streamNot streamed
02 Feb 2024- Blood Money is still an outstanding game even if this port isn't
- The simplify strangle setting finally has a purpose, it now makes 47 walk like he pooped his pants
- Generally worse controls and UX, things like picking up and throwing items were unnecessarily changed
- Some small improvements like the minimap and a clearer loadout selection
- Biggest bug I ran into was the parade not working correctly in The Murder of Crows
- Sneaky ✔️
Expert/Silent Assassin (4h)
28 Jan 2024
- Ridiculously stylish graphics, soundtrack and everything else
- Fun gameplay, even if it sometimes feels a bit luck based and I'm bad at it
- Only as long as it has any need to be
Finished (2.5h)Not streamed
27 Jan 2024- Doesn't feel different from Intravenous 1, meaning it's still doing way too much and works as an example of why going for realistic AI in stealth games is not fun
- I can respect the vision, but in practice this is an exercise in frustration
- Not going to play the main game once it comes out, this was enough IV for a good while
- Sneaky ✔️
True (2h)
26 Jan 2024
- The basic gameplay and movement is good even for someone like me who doesn't like 2D platforming
- The perks and spells add a lot of depth and make each run feel different enough
- The wands having tons of stats makes recognizing the good ones at a glance hard. I'm sure that's something that comes with time, but the learning curve feels a bit steep.
- Got my first win after 22 deaths, but apparently there's a ton more to see and I do want to keep playing so I might update this review over time
Finished (8.5h)
20 Jan 2024
- Very polished and complete feeling mod
- Some great enemy and environment designs, especially towards the end
- Large and elaborate missions, clearly meant for more hardcore fans of Thief
- Felt like a Thief Gold mod rather than a Thief 2 mod not just because it was one, but also because the level designs were leaning more in that direction. Personally I didn't like Thief Gold's levels that much, and Black Parade reminded me of those.
- Maybe this was the case in the actual Thief games as well, but the platforming and especially dealing with marble floors was often infuriating. I get that marble is supposed to be very loud and challenging to work around, but guards on the Moon reacting to every tiny step was just obnoxious.
- One of the missions gave me nice Demon's Souls vibes and while not making the most of Thief's gameplay, stood out from the rest in a good way. Could've been shorter though, the second half felt a bit like a repeat of Mage Towers.
- Sneaky ✔️
Expert (18h)
19 Jan 2024Tremors: The Game. It's a one trick pony but the trick is fun with friends, at least for a while. The balance is pretty busted though with settings needing constant adjustments to avoid one side streamrolling too much.- (7h)Not streamed
11 Jan 2024
Follows the blueprint of Portal 2 very closely, so much so that I'm glad it's been a long while since I last played P2 as otherwise this might've felt too similar. The puzzles are good, the pacing is good, the locations look great, all in all it's an extremely polished mod.
The flaws are also straight from P2. Sometimes the puzzles devolve into "find the portal-able surface", and the sidekick tries too hard to be funny.
Finished (6.5h)Not streamed
07 Jan 2024
- Pretty alright puzzles. Time manipulation is a nice way to easily try out different things and learn enemy patterns.
- The cutscenes and transitions between puzzles drag on for way too long every time. It feels like a small nitpick, but they add nothing of value and I'd just like to play the game.
Finished (3.5h)Not streamed