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26 Aug 2023
- Probably the best stealth tactics game out there, overtaking Desperados 3. Very good gameplay overall, felt like the next logical step for the genre.
- The characters felt equally overpowered in a good way, all of them had their upsides it was hard to have a bad team setup
- Mission length and difficulty was toned down compared to other games in the genre, which is only a good thing since these games tend to be very hard and have very long missions
- Because characters could be unlocked in any order and islands were reused for several missions and could be done in any order, there were very few good, memorable setpiece missions that stood out from the rest. In contrast, I still remember a lot of Desperados 3 missions because the environments and team compositions were specifically designed for their respective missions.
- Sneaky ✔️
Legend (28h)
12 Aug 2023
It's like Beat Saber except the devs don't break all the modded stuff with every patch.- (20h)Not streamed
11 Aug 2023- All the 90s point'n'click tropes are here: Pixel hunting, too many similar yet different interactions, clumsy interface, nonsense puzzles
- A huge part of the game was spent doing things that felt completely unrelated to the case, yet were somehow important to progression
- The New Orleans voodoo settings did not interest me as much as GK2's German werewolves
- Even with the big name voice actors it didn't come close to the charm GK2 had with the FMVs
Did not finish (9.5h)
04 Aug 2023The storyline didn't feel like it was going anywhere and the gameplay felt very combat focused, which is a shame because the combat wasn't very good. Maybe later on with more skills and spells the fights could become interesting, but when 5 hours in only 2 out of the 6 characters had hit level 2, I couldn't bring myself to continue with the way things were looking. I prefer my combat encounters being rare but memorable, and BG seemed to be going for the opposite. I would much rather spend an hour talking to random tavern goers in Planescape Torment than slaughtering kobolds in Baldur's Gate.Did not finish (5h)Not streamed
31 Jul 2023
- Like Human Revolution but with the scope reduced by 80%
- Mouse controls felt bad, often dropping inputs in the menus and having an awkward sensitivity
- Very stiff animations and voice acting
- Considering it's originally a mobile game, it felt like it was still intended to be on a proper platform
- A story about drug monopolies is something that could be told in Deus Ex, but maybe this wasn't the best possible take on it
- Sneaky ✔️
Finished (3h)
31 Jul 2023
- Competent, basic line of sight based stealth with a good shrinking gimmick. Being able to hide in corners felt original, though I think the shrink ray's ammo system could've used some more rethinking.
- The AI pathing was very rough, but at least you could work around it by listening for sounds and hiding behind almost anything
- Checkpoints were pretty poorly placed at times
- Has the NOLF-like charm to it, especially with the (repetitive) enemy banter
- Sneaky ✔️
SuperSpy/Pacifist/Ghost (3h)
31 Jul 2023
- One hit kills and no saves is a pretty annoying combination
- Reminded me of Penumbra Requiem, as in it felt like it was made out of leftover puzzles from the main game
- Probably made more sense as a part of the Portal 2 ARG, on it's own it's not great
Everyone saved (1.5h)
24 Jul 2023
- Good setting, though the story could've been communicated better
- Unique feeling mix of metroidvania, JRPG and survival horror
- The Resident Evil connection is clear with the limited inventory and interconnected map, but since there was no central storage managing items was closer to Goof Troop. It wasn't too bad when referring to a guide, but it would definitely have been annoying to start backtracking for an item you previously thought was useless.
- Menus were pretty clumsy, especially when trying to figure out what weapons to use
- Very easy, the combat didn't have much depth and saving anywhere meant there was no need to take risks. Using a guide surely played a part too, but I feel like it mostly reduced annoyances rather than difficulty.
- Far exceeded my expectations for a NES game. Obviously it feels outdated in many ways, but when played as a handheld game with a guide I had a good time and think it was worth a playthrough just to see some of survival horror's roots.
Finished (9h)Not streamed
19 Jul 2023
- Probably the most blatantly unfinished game I've ever played, including early access games. Makes Lucius 2 look like finished game.
- It was impossible to take 10 steps without something breaking. Especially the map/mission generation was absurdly broken, building levels with multiple kinds of softlocks and unplayable scenarios.
- The final mission would not load in a playable state 80% of the time and ran at 20fps, forcing me to give up after about 10 attempts
- Feels bad for the devs, this is clearly not what they wanted to release. Then again, it's 20€ which feels like a robbery.
- Sneaky ✔️
Like the game, nope (7.5h)