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14 Feb 2023
Nobodies (2019)
- Murder scene cleanup is an interesting idea for a point-and-click game
- Being split into chapters made each puzzle nice and self contained
- Looks pleasant enough
- Kinda clumsy controls
- Most of the puzzles felt really convoluted and not in a fun way. It really kills the puzzle when you spend a lot of time trying to accomplish something arbitrary for an unknown reason before even figuring out what you're trying to do. The first puzzles were fine, but the longer it went on the worse it got.
Finished (4h)
11 Feb 2023
Commandos 2: Men of Courage (2001)
- Played the remastered version, spent 1h in the tutorials and 2h in one (1) mission
- Aged like already slightly rotten eggs, to able to follow Shadow Tactics this was in need of a full remake rather than a simple remaster. Convoluted controls where almost every small action required either its own hotkey or Ctrl/Alt/Shift as a modifier, clumsy camera controls, extremely lacking object highlight options, and tutorials that missed a huge amount of key mechanics.
Did not finish (3h)✔️✔️
10 Feb 2023
Quantum Break (2016)
- Poor performance and weird visual issues
- Awful controls, automatic crouch/cover system never felt good, movement was sluggish, getting stuck on things happened constantly, only one slider for mouse sensitivity but two different sensitivities in game
- The game loves to take control away from you all the time, be it the camera turning on its own or losing the ability to lightly jog
- Mixing game and TV show was never going to work, but I guess it was ambitious of them to try. To be fair the TV show part was much better than the game part, maybe as a short series rather than a game this could've been good.
- The TV show portion is streamed from Microsoft's servers so it's a single player game where you need to be online to watch cutscenes, and those cutscenes could be taken down any moment
Did not finish (3h)✔️
09 Feb 2023
DOOM 3 (2004)
- Played the original version without the flashlight mod, as some moron intended
- The darkness is overdone to an obnoxious degree and the game loves putting enemies within an arm's reach of you knowing that you won't be able to see them anyway
- Because of the cheap enemy spawns and darkness, probably the highest jump scares per minute ratio I've ever seen
- The combat sucks as the weapons don't have any punch to them and getting hit causes massive screen shake
- It's nice that rooms and characters all have names, not that it really matters
Did not finish (1.5h)
04 Feb 2023
Dungeon Keeper (1997)
- Still looks really good, thanks to great sprites holding up and KeeperFX making it run at a modern resolution and frame rate
- Some of the best sound design in any game I know of, especially the voice acting
- Unique core gameplay that is fun even for someone like me who doesn't play strategy games
- Doesn't explain many of the mechanics well or at all, sometimes even gives detrimental hints (Blaise End)
- Pretty repetitive, might be better off with a couple of levels cut
- The final three levels are absolute trash that rely on knowing exactly what to do in what order, or you're just screwed. And they took about as long as the other 17 levels combined.
Finished (16h)✔️
18 Jan 2023
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)
- Great combat and most enemies and bosses were fun to fight
- Some of From's best world and level design
- Revival wasn't a complete gimmick and felt sufficiently different from just using the flask
- Actually good keyboard/mouse controls
- Amazing stealth, compared to Dark Souls
- A few boss attacks seemed to have broken hitboxes or tells which was very frustrating
- I don't have the patience for this type of game anymore, the first hours were miserable and the game only got enjoyable once I started studying boss patterns by watching other people play and looked up locations of items I needed
Finished (23h)
25 Dec 2022
Call of Juarez (2006)
- Ray is the best character and his voice acting is great
- Dual wielding a revolver and a bible is brilliant
- Surprising amount of mechanics for what seems like a generic linear shooter
- Some of the levels went on for a bit long
- Not enough variety in bible quotes
Normal (6h)✔️
24 Dec 2022
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996)
- Nice art style that made the most of what PS1 could do
- Good audio, especially the voice acting
- Decent variety of items/spells/equipment that added variety to the combat
- Excruciatingly slow, be it the movement speed, load times, or changing equipment. Guess that's at least partially on me for playing the PAL PS1 version.
- The areas didn't really stand out from one another and often went on longer than they needed to
- Puzzles and dungeons often lacked cohesive solutions and boiled down to "walk through room to unlock another one" or "press buttons until door opens"
- Quality FMVs and lore
Finished (13h)✔️
10 Dec 2022
Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
- Didn't want to think, didn't have to think. Nostalgia received.
- Levels are proper open areas which I like compared to Galaxy which bored me horribly
- Manta ray boss was pretty cool, used the game's mechanics well
- I wonder how many people had to say "this is okay" for the chuckster secret to get included
52 shines (5h)✔️
09 Dec 2022
Grim Dawn (2016)
- Brain goes off and mouse goes clickclickclickclick
- Unbelievably easy and repetitive, the different quests, areas and enemies made no difference as everything was solved by moving forward and one shotting everyone
- RPG elements stopped mattering after the first couple of hours, after that a level up meant improving the skills alredy chosen
- Items went from "Club" to "Superior Scrapmetal Blunderbuss of Thunder" in about 2 hours which made finding new gear way less exciting than it could've been
- Only played this because I was sick and wanted to play something that didn't require thinking or skill, so I guess I got what I expected. Just to an extreme degree.
Normal, no DLC (12h)